Daily Life


Financial Aid

The common right that applies, with varaiations, to every person of the European Community, also applies to every prostitution or human trafficking victim.
Prostitution is not a job, therefore, there is not a specific sector for social security, healthcare or other types of protection. However, like every person in precarious situations, prostitutes can; theoretically, be entiltled to a minimum income (RSA).
The Temporary Allowance for Waiting (L'Allocation Temporaire d'Attente- ATA) can be attributed to trade victims who have a temporary residence permit. The amount of ATA is fixed to 11.20 € ($15.52 USD) per day for a maximum of 12 months.



Victims with the purpose of sexual exploitation can benefit from the National Tool for Home and Protection of Human Trafficking Victims - Dispositif National d'accueil et de protection des victimes de la traite des êtres humains Acsé.

You can also contact grassroots organizations that can help you in your efforts.


Professional Integration

From the moment that you have a temporary residence permit for trade victims with the purpose of sexual exploitation, you are qualified to work.