Legal Aid

My Rights During Custody

- You are allowed to call a family member (parents, siblings) or the person with whom you live, in order to warn them of the situation.
- You qualify for a medical exam.
- You area llowed to talk with your lawyer, from the first moment.
- No matter your nationality or status in the country, you qualify for an interpreter.

Protection Against Violence

If you are a victim of violence or force exerted by your procurer(s) or by client(s), you benefit from victim assitance.
- The rights of victims are increasingly more recognized by the law and instructions are given to police services en the gendarmerie units in order to improve their care.
- Within each department, tools of support and assistance have been created, such as departmental correspondants to help victims, completed by the permanency of associations, social actors or psychologists.
- Particular attention is now paid to violence against women, especially domestic violence...

What to do in case of Sexual Aggression ?

If you are a rape victim (client or procurer), it is a crime that falls within the Assizes Court. It is characterized by the act of vaginal, anal, or oral sexual penetration by the hand or an object, imposed by psychologic or physical force.
- Other non-consenting penetration acts are deemed under a strict sexual assault offense, which is tried by the Criminal Court.