Our convictions, our objectives


A visionFor 25 years, the Scelles Foundation, a recognized public benefit foundation, has been fighting against the system of prostitution and the exploitation of prostituted persons


A foundation at the heart of society

Year after year, the Scelles Foundation helps change society and evolves with it by adapting its mission to the new imperatives of its commitment. 


 Why combat the system of prostitution ? 


The system of prostitution is a violation of human dignity and rights, a form of violence, a global organized crime that exploits the most vulnerable people and involves the unacceptable trafficking of human beings.


 Its Missions 



As an international observatory specializing in monitoring and analyzing prostitution-related phenomena, the Scelles Foundation is also a key player in awareness-raising and prevention, advocacy and mobilization against sexual exploitation.


Estimation of the number of prostituted persons per 1000 people