Fondation Scelles, recognized as a public utility since 1994, was created in 1993 by Jean and Jeanne Scelles, who bequeathed all of their possessions. Jean Scelles, a member of the resistance, imprisoned in 1941 in Algiers, discovered prostitution due to a cellmate, who was a procurer.

He explains how he "trains girls and corrects the recalcitrant". Released from prison, he promised to dedicate his life, along with his wife, to the defense of human dignity, by fighting through awareness actions for the general audience, political influences, and the repression of traffickers. The association that he created: the Teams of Action against Procuring (les Equipes d'Action Contre le Proxénétisme-EACP) intervenes in the judgments of procurers who are condemned. Between 1953 and 1973, 40 lawyers joined within this association, filed more than 300 lawsuits against procurers.

« Procurers, supporters and traffickers, the mediators, the procuresses, the hotel procurers and owners of both hourly motels and screen businesses for the exploitation of prostitution, all have a responsibility as professional slave drivers. However, they would be forced to carry on their activities in a different manner if they were not at the service of "His Majesty, the Client" of prostitution. » Jean Scelles - 1974


Having launched the foundation with Jean Scelles, Philippe Scelles, his nephew, succeeded the presidency from 1996-2010. Since then, the foundation has constantly been in development due to the dedication of a great number of employees and volunteer workers.

« Prostitution, human trafficking, sex tourism, and pornography cause indignation. It is the tragic event of women and children exploited in their own bodies for commercial purposes. » Philippe Scelles - 2008

In october 2010, Yves Charpenel magistrate, Advocate General at the criminal division of the Court of Cassation of Paris, takes his turn at the presidency and continues on with the fight.

« Our role is to contribute, at least to put these true, "invisible victims" under the spotlight, victims who, nowadays, are all of those exploited and not heard. » Yves Charpenel - 2012


Yves Charpenel