Melanie Thompson



Melanie Thompson is a full-time college student majoring in social work. She works to raise awareness about the pervasiveness and harm of all forms of commercial sexual exploitation and advocates for changes in anti-trafficking law and policy with a wide range of abolitionist organizations including but not limited to: The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, Sanctuary for Families, World Without Exploitation, the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition (NYSATC), and Not On My Watch, Inc.

Her tireless work to educate legislators and the public about child sex trafficking contributed significantly to the unanimous passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act by the New York State Legislature in 2015.

A survivor of domestic sex trafficking, Ms. Thompson is still in the foster care system and draws on her experiences as a child and young adult to help others who have also experienced commercial sexual exploitation. Upon obtaining her LCSW degree, she hopes to open a non-profit organization assisting victims of human trafficking.


Melanie participated in the International Colloquium during the 62nd session of the UNCSW in march 2018.



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