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We make no Apologies for Explaining Non-State Torture (NST) Inflicted in Sexualized Exploitation, in Prostitution & in Pornography

by Jeanne Sarson & Linda MacDonald


Meeting Fondation Scelles 

Building relationships that travel across oceans and across different cultures and languages to stand firmly together to build a world free from sexualized exploitation is wonderful.  This was our experience when we visited and met the incredible staff of the “Fondation Scelles,” in Paris, France, on Monday, May 13th, 2019.  We learned that Fondation Scelles’ work of combating the system of prostitution began more than 25 years ago.  Our work of naming and explaining there are acts of violence committed against women and female children that amounts to torture also began over 25 years ago.  Torture is committed by human traffickers, sellers and buyers, and pornographers, but also by parents, other family members, family friends, husbands or partners, and others. >>

Left to right : Brigitte Polonovski, Yves Charpenel, Frédéric Boisard, Sandra Ayad, Jeanne Sarson, Linda MacDonald


The Scelles Foundation supports the first ever Freedom Art Walk to stop Child Trafficking



Join NYC Mayor's office ENDGBV, NYC ACS and Street Art for Mankind, along with the Scelles Foundation and members of the local and international community, for the first ever Freedom Art Walk against child trafficking on Friday, May 10th from 4:00P.M-6:00P.M,

followed by a VIP reception from 6:00P.M-8:00P.M.




The Scelles Foundation supports the first Manhattan Freedom Art Walk organized by Street Art for Mankind, to be a part of a historical happening in the movement to change the future of millions of children.


Dans les yeux des survivantes de la prostitution…

Le 3e congrès mondial de la Coalition pour l’Abolition de la Prostitution, qui se tenait à Mayence (Allemagne) en avril dernier, précédé de la 1ère marche mondiale des Survivantes, a donné la parole aux survivantes de la prostitution. Venues de tous les coins du monde, ces femmes ont dit leur parcours et leurs blessures, rappelant ainsi que la prostitution est une violence qui n’a pas de frontières. La Fondation Scelles, co-fondatrice de CAP International, était présente et a recueilli leurs paroles. >>>



Elles sont originaires d’Afrique du Sud, des USA, de France, d’Allemagne, d’Irlande, de Roumanie, du Canada… Pourtant, elles sont « sœurs », comme elles l’ont dit à plusieurs reprises. Car elles portent les mêmes blessures et, au-delà des cultures, ont les mêmes mots pour les exprimer. Aujourd’hui, elles prennent publiquement la parole pour elles mais surtout pour toutes ces femmes croisées dans la prostitution qui sont encore victimes.


United Nations Security Council Resolution on Sexual Violence in Conflict: Inadequate Progress Made

The Scelles Foundation, on the same footing as French diplomatic policy, has been calling to step up efforts to tackle sexual violence against women in armed conflict zones. The United Nations Security Council’s adoption of Resolution 2467 marks a key step forward, particularly in its focus on the survivors of sexual violence. But it still fails to do enough to help women victims access their rights. As a result, those who perpetrate this violence are still betting on impunity.  



The abolition of prostitution, a French reality: a 3-year assessment of the 2016-444 Law

An increasing number of countries are adopting the Nordic Model or are considering doing so. Furthermore, the 3rd World Congress against sexual exploitation is spreading its abolitionist message throughout Germany. While this is occurring, today, France is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the implementation of its law reinforcing the fight against the prostitutional system. Thus, this prevents an opportunity for us to assess the profound revolution that the law has allowed.



Sources: International Observatory for Sexual Exploitation Press Review/Collection of Academic Proceedings ©FondationScelles


Three years after its adoption, the implementation of the 2016-444 law “aimed at reinforcing the fight against the prostitutional system and to aid prostituted persons” of April 2016 has accelerated significantly. These past few months, marked by criticism and violent attacks, have not been easy. However, the rejection of the QPC, calling into question the principle of penalizing sex buyers of prostitution by the Constitutional Council in January of 2019 allowed for the law to be reaffirmed, thus it emerged strengthened by this controversy.


The Scelles Foundation in the press

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